Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Valeriya Lukyanova Biography

25 years (23.08.1987) - Odessa, Ukraine

Hardly on the web you will find more popular, and at the same time and controversial personality, rather than Valery Lukianov, she's Amatue.
Valery Lukianov by nature endowed with excellent external data, and that gave her the title of the most attractive, but also the scandalous figures Network. Daily photos Lukyanova browse thousands of people.

Wide popularity came to Lukyanova (Amatue) thanks to its unusual Internet questionnaires and extraordinary external data. Today Amatue can be easily called the most popular girl of the Russian-speaking Internet. As it often happens, around her persona hovers a tremendous amount of gossip and rumors. Someone who adores her, and someone hates. Photos of Valerie Lukyanova win many men. However, what a girl really, probably, nobody knows.
In the distant childhood Amatue have already begun to emerge the ability for creative realization - from the early years Lukyanova started writing poetry. Then she went to the music school, and after that started to write own songs. Fans Lukyanova consider it ideal of feminine attractiveness, as well as an example for imitation. For the Amatue appearance, of course, is very important, but much more attention she pays to inner harmony. Lukyanova love active people, who are in constant search for new information, and most importantly, people who want to go beyond the ordinary. There is nothing more important than to understand the truth and to know the meaning of Infinity.
Valeria often ask the question of what are her relations with her husband. But she only smiled in response, at the moment Valery Lukianov is absolutely free. In the Internet you can find many links and photos on the theme of "Valery Lukianov before the operation," but our heroine has not made a single operation to change the appearance.
His priority in the life of Valery Lukianov considers the implementation of musical capacities. In a short time to exit debut album Amatue. Lukyanova is recognized that this album is the best of all that she had done in his life. Many music experts believe that the Amatue in front of a great musical career. Can be, it is Valery Lukianov able to fill the niche of an extraordinary, interesting music, which is so lacking on the contemporary stage.

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